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My new job resolutions

It’s the end of a very successful first week in my new role. Leading up to starting I was considering what new habits I want to form. As I progressed through the first week I’ve tried to trial some of these.

1. Work diary and week notes

This shouldn’t be too detailed or my version of Bridget Jones! I’m already a pretty good note taker, but the diary needs to be more specific:

I just need to write a couple of bullets of the things I’ve done each day and any important notes. This will help with any meetings when I need to remember what I’ve done. I’m also keen to take notes on what it’s like to work there. This will help with any reflections throughout the next year about my career and where I’m going.

2. Get more involved in the industry

As I’ve developed throughout my career I’ve often taken a backseat within the industry as a whole. I’ve been to conferences and meet ups and I’m a member of a couple Slack groups.I’m currently part of Content + UX and UX Brighton.

I haven’t been using these tools as best I can, only occasionally glancing at them. As I grow in my career I want to get more involved. This means taking part in discussions, sharing ideas and helping answer questions.

3. Keep a personal word list and decision document

This is something I started doing halfway through my time at RSA. When I heard internal terms, phrases, jargon and initialisms I kept them in a document I had on my desktop. This meant it was really quick and easy to open in times of need. It became a very reliable friend!

As I worked on projects I also kept a record of content design decisions I made. At the time there wasn’t a team record of this. When I looked at making design decision documents and style guides for the team this was really valuable. Rather than thinking back and trying to remember, I already had something to work with. It’s also a good way of defining your own writing processes and decisions.

4. Speak

I have a conflicting relationship with this one! In some ways I really want to do this, in others I really don’t know. I keep talking about it with my mentor and thinking about it when I go to conferences. It’s something I’m still considering, but it’s a possibility – even if it’s just the one time.

8 March 2019

This article was originally published on Medium on 8 March 2019.