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Write-up of UX Brighton 2019

I’ve finally got myself to a UX Brighton conference! I’ve been to a couple of evening events, but it was great to get to the main event. It was a good way to get to know my new teammates more. And an opportunity to catch up with old contacts and friends.

There was a good variety of talks that were all interesting in their own way.

It was nice to see UX writing getting mentioned here and there. Martyn Reding discussed it in his talk, comparing “new practises” with historical examples. It was really great to see these comparisons brought forward. I particularly liked how earlier copywriting combined with design into creative teams. Much like what we want from UX writing now.

There were a couple of talks on voice design, which I found particularly interesting. Although, I would have liked more around designing the specific words and phrases. Emily Sappington mentioned their healthcare voice ended communications with “Take care.” They had originally gone with “Hope you feel better soon!” in an overly happy tone. But this was seen as unhelpful and not always accurate (for obvious reasons!). So it was nice to hear how they considered this.

There were a few mentions, and a whole talk from Dr. Nick Fine, about bringing science and “science thinking” into our practise. I really like this side of the conversation, so it was good to see it at the conference.

All in all it was a great event. It would be nice to see something similar happening for UX writing and content. Or maybe a future UX Brighton theme around it. There are so many connections and comparisons.

Like all these events, it’s nice to know we’re all having similar problems and challenges. But it’s probably worth us trying to open these events out to stakeholders. Then they hear these things first-hand and can the great speakers can help convince them.

My conference pass. It reads 'UX Brighton, Dominic Warren, Brandwatch'.

4 November 2019