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Having your work shared

I initially started my blog articles as an element of my portfolio. UX writing work is really hard to showcase, it certainly is different to visual design. But the articles are a way for me to show my thinking and what I’ve learnt.

However, it’s really nice and encouraging when you see people sharing them. Especially when those people are well-known across the industry or are people you admire.

One person who has shared my article, What is UX writing?, is Jared Spool.

As @dominicwarren1 explains, you can begin a project by writing a conversation between your design and your user. This exercise helps you determine what content you need in the design.

We’ll share this great resource with @CenterCentre students.https://t.co/eYzee4CjzW

— Jared Spool (@jmspool) August 7, 2019

When I saw it, it’s safe to say, I was shocked. To have your work recognised and shared by someone with the influence and reach Spool does is really exciting. It’s also a great sense of validation — that proponents in the industry agree with what I think and write.

It’s also great that he’s shared it a number of times, quoting different parts of the article.

“One big area of difference between a UX writer and most other writing is how closely we work with designers.

It doesn’t make any sense to build a service or product and then drop words into it at the very end.”


— Jared Spool (@jmspool) September 23, 2019

In this article, @dominicwarren1 explains how UX writers and designers benefit from working together from the beginning of a project.

It doesn’t make sense to build a product, then try to drop content in at the end.https://t.co/eYzee4CjzW

— Jared Spool (@jmspool) August 25, 2019

I was also really surprised when I received an issue of Ten Things, by Lauren Pope. Under Thing 3 I found my own article, Don't be precious: accepting edits and feedback, listed.

Lauren Pope’s Ten Things

Lauren is someone I’ve admired since I started in the industry. So to see my article listed on her newsletter is a great feeling.

Again, having your work recognised like this is wonderful. It’s one of the reasons I’m keen to share articles I like on my Twitter. I might not have as many followers as some, but it’s a way for me to say I really enjoyed the article.

I'd really recommend signing up to Ten Things. It's always full of interesting articles.

PS you can read an interview with Lauren at every word matters.

12 November 2019